We Provide,


    A One Stop, 360 Digital Solution to Cater to All Our Clients Digital and Business Needs.

    When It Comes to Digital, We Will Help You Master the Present while Preparing for the Future.


    We provide a one stop, 360° Digital Solutions to cater to all our clients digital and business needs.


    The scope of our digital capability is focused down to promoting local enterprises to global markets in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and U.S. NDN Technology and Cultural Engineering are built for online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, and Youku to market using multi-channel for the best results in every direction.

    •  U.S.
    •  China/Hong Kong
    •  Singapore
    •  Taiwan
    •  Malaysia
    •  Japan
    •  Korea


    With some of the best programmers and creative personnel available, we make websites and web applications that are both aesthetic and extremely intuitive, perfecting the user experience. We will evaluate your existing online presence to function as a core source of generating opportunities.

    • Website Development
    • E-commerce Platform & Infrastructure Devp
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Mng)
    • CMS
    • UX (User Experience)
    • UI (User Interface)
    • O2O Commerce/Strategy 


    From content management & creation to apps and strategic planning, our team will ensure that Social Media will not only help bring out your brands personality but also engage with fans. With the help of our monitoring systems Klarity, we can find the right elements to help outsmart your competitors.


    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Integration & Campaign Development
    • App Development
    • Key Influencer & Blogger Relations


    Social Media Analytical Solutions for businesses to transform social “big data” into useful social intelligence – for a meaningful understanding of brand behaviour, performances and competitor analysis.


    Whether you need a mobile app or a mobile mini-site, our vast experience in CRM, M-Commerce and Gaming will help you creatively tell your brands stories. Our focus is not just to create digital but combine the Offline and Online experiences of your target audience.

    • Mobile App development
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Loyalty & Redemption
    • Mobile UX / UI


    Ad Buying

    Automated and Coordinated Ad buying programmatically for CPM or CPC.

    Optimise your reach to the targeted audience at a specific time in a specific location to maximise awareness and conversion.

    • Flexible Budgeting
    • Easy to Scale
    • Customised Campaign
    • Contents are included


    App Concept, App Development

    In partnership with Compass Visa, we have created Hong Kong’s first all encompassing banking rewards platform. Through both a revamp of their website and a creation of their mobile app, a sophisticated mCommerce and eCommerce rewards program was simplified through intelligent UI and back end programming.

    With the existing Compass Rewards credit program, users can:

    • Track their rewards dollars
    • Set personal milestones for rewards
    • Be informed of special rewards programs
    • Redeem awards that can be delivered to the user specified address / Gift rewards dollars or redeem items to friends
    • Use an intuitive calculator that combines cash and rewards dollars to redeem gifts


    Contents Management of Weibo and Online Magazine

    New Digital Noise helped create the editorial of multiple Four Seasons China platforms to both fit the language and culture of Mainland China while still keeping a luxury branding.


    • Act as Chief Editor of Four Seasons Weibo and Online Magazine “Life by Four Seasons”
    • Provide luxury living news updates for Four Seasons customers
    • Tie in Four Seasons products and services with different hot topics around town
    • Content planning by Darizi Shanghai, experienced in providing luxury content to Mainland China.


    Strategic Social Media Planning

    Bailey’s has a strong, very active fan base, but needed to find ways to get it’s true fans to engage more. New Digital Noise helped with some Strategic Social Media Planning to deliver exciting content to their fans.

    • Content such as quotes, trailers of love and movies that appealed to their majority female fan base
    • Bailey’s original recipes, as well as fan recipe’s for food and drinks
    • Engage with many small offline events, with event recaps posted on the Facebook page to increase current and future engagement
    • Collaborative content such as Baileys X Paul Lafayet Desserts
    • Use Social Media Broadcasts to use the most engaging posts during site consumption patterns


    Facebook Fanpage Management

    Chivas Regal collaborated with Wong Kar Wai to create a short film called Déjà vu. New Digital Noise helped use different social channels, to promote this film, and fit the existing offline promotions for digital media.

    • A digital short video intro and close was created, and retrofitted into all existing video promotions to be posted on YouTube and Facebook
    • Facebook channel management, using our Klarity Analytics system, to make sure that promotional material is targeted directly at key audience members who are both film lovers and fans of Chivas Regal alike
    • A Facebook app was made that rewarded fan engagement by providing them additional trailers, behind the scenes footage and interviews with Wong Kar Wai and the films actors

    shu uemura

    30th Anniversary Microsite

    To celebrate 30th anniversary of Shu Uemura, New Digital Noise created a microsite that shows off the beauty and ingenuity of Shu Uemura as a brand.


    • Different showcase pages of specialty “artistic” makeup
    • Videos of how it was done
    • A user experience and design that balanced easy of use with the brands image
    • Connectivity to the brands Facebook page


    Interactive Catalog

    To enhance the in-store luxury experience for Swarovski Fine Jewelry specialty stores, we helped Swarovski create an interactive in-store iPad catalog using rich media to create a better catalog experience. The catalog allows users to:

    • Browse the newest products in a more 3-dimensional way through the in app product viewing functions
    • Provide news and showcases for the newest products, with their specifications
    • Contain an elegant and intuitive user experience so that catalog browsing is simple without needing the help of sales staff.

    As this would only be available in selected higher-end shops in Beijing and Shanghai, the experience had to be of a luxury feel, and New Digital Noise has helped Swarovski do just that